Production System Manufacture for Bergstrom Europe.

Tribotics Ltd were asked to Design, Manufacture and Install a state of the Art Production System for Bergstrom Europe to enable them to produce Air conditioning systems for LDV.

Tribotics Ltd was Commisioned by Bergstrom Europe to Design, Manufacture and Install a state of the Art Production System for their production facility in South Wales. The new system was required for the manufacture of Vehicle Air Conditioning units for LDV vehicles. As with all Automotive Applications Bergstrom and LDV had very exacting specifications and a tight time scale from initial Concept to Commisioning. The main criteria for the control system was that each build step was verified before moving onto the next step and that each operator could be guided through each part of the build both visually and verbally by the control system.

In order to acheive this the engineers at Tribotics designed an Hybrid Type control system interfaceing an Omron PLC controller to multiple Industrial PC’s. The role of the PLC was in the low level sequencing of the conveyor systems and ancilliary equipment plus interfaceing with the bluetooth controlled tourqe guns. The industrial PC’s were then used to display electronic Operation standards when prompted by the PLC via sensory inputs made by the operator during the build sequence. Each Industrial PC runs the Generation 5 software package which was written in house by Tribotics Software Development Team and allows the user to create and display Electronic Operation Standards for display using standard TFT technology.


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