Tribotics Ltd Releases the latest revision of its Generation 6 Software Package

Tribotics Ltd as just released the latest version of its award winning Generation 6 Build and Test Software platform.

The Generation 6 software package can be used to manage any build process where production operatives are used to assemble or

test a product.

The test platform allows the creation and display of Electronic SOP’s (standard operating procedures) that can guide the operative through the

product build and test process while being able to control and interact with hardware such as PLC’s, Bar-code Readers, Printers and other

programmable equipment so that there is full closure between the operator/process loop.

The Generation 6 Software can be programmed using a simple intuitive user interface that as been designed for non programmers. 

Currently the previous versions of the Generation 6 build and test platform is supporting manufacturing processes world wide in many industries

for large well known manufacturers such as Bergstrom and Toyoda to name but a few.


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