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Tribotics Ltd was established in 2004 to provide control system solutions Initially for industry. However over the past 11 Years the company as progressively developed and gone from strength to strength, specifically branching out into the amusement industry. As a result Tribotics Ltd is split into two distinct divisions both of which are operated from our Design and Manufacturing Facilities in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales..

Industrial Automation Division

This branch of the company specialises in the design and manufacture of Electrical Control Panels, Bespoke Machinery and Production Equipment including the following;

  • Electrical Control Panels, ranging from wall mounted panels to multi cubicle floor standing enclosures.
  • Automated production lines and cells
  • EOLT (End Of Line Test) equipment including Leak Testing
  • Servo Controlled Pick and Place systems
  • Vision Based Inspection Systems using OMRON and COGNEX Vision Systems
  • Generation 6 Build and Test Software Platform. This product as been developed over the last 8 years and is now deployed world wide. Generation 6 software allows full integration of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), Process Equipment, Assembly Systems and Product/Component tracking Systems. (Please see our Product Tab for more details), or visit the Generation 6 Website at www.Gen6.co.uk.

Amusement Industry Division

This branch of the company specialises in the design and development of All electric Servo Motor Driven Motion Bases for the theme park industry ranging in size from 200Kg systems up to 20,000Kg units including 2 DOF, 3 DOF, 4 DOF and 6 DOF systems. Our motion systems have the highest levels of fidelity and control and as a result have been selected for major projects throughout the world. (Please select Motion Bases from the Product Tab for further details)

We also specialise in the design and manufacture of Show Control and Ride Control Systems ranging from individual sub system controllers to full attraction control. Our systems can be designed to both EN/ISO and UL/NFPA/ASTM standards and we have experience of working with TUV regarding attraction third party approvals.

Our team of highly motivated and experienced staff can draw upon their many years of hands on experience and knowledge to deliver the best possible solution to any given task. As a company we pride ourselves on working to the highest of standards, and have expertise in the most recent legislation and Harmonised standards. We also have a strong manufacturing team who are highly skilled in the manufacture and installation of Bespoke Control systems and Electrical Control Panels together with customised Production Systems and Test equipment.

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